"Reverse" engineering from my gerber

i have lost a schematic (very old software),
i have only a gerber file.
list of components (in a4 paper)
design to place component in paper :smile:

in kicad i have import gerb to pcb, good,
no drll,
no silk.
it is possible to make kicad automatically assign the track to the component pin when this is placed on top, in case of wrong placement the created scheme will be wrong.
for example if a chip is put upside down the scheme will use the chip upside down,
no check rules

i replace a tht to smd,
bug correction wire to connect,
reduce size of pcb
use a new rules

i have a copyright/ip/patents of my pcb !

If your design is not secret you can post it here along any docs you have and maybe someone will recreate it just as an exercise.

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