Reply via email (test feature)

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I’m tried enabling it via this set of instructions:

However, this is a test feature until we have a few trials of it working properly. Please post below if you have tried it out and how/if it works.

Well, let’s see if it works

Nothing yet, hunh. Welp, let me know when you get it. Sorry to anyone viewing this, it’s really a test email.

No, haven’t seen anything come trhough yet. Could be a problem with mandrill. Once it comes through, I’ll try replying via email.

I haven’t seen it either yet. BUt I just got here.

I think there is actually a 5 minute delay both on receiving the emails that there has been an update and then also on how often it polls for incoming emails from users. So it’ll definitely be slower.

I also think if you have the window open, it recognizes that you have seen the change and won’t actually email you.

Well, I got an email at least, so I can try and respond now.

That appears to have worked. But it got caught in the spam filter. This might be a very messy feature.

Just turned off the spam feature, so it should work now.

Used this tutorial:

testing, please anybody say something :wink:

hello from my email client!

Me too. Seems like this works. Now it’s a question of whether anyone will
use it :wink:

I am and will. Saves me time visiting the site. Thanks very much! I wonder
what happens with the quotes that are often auto inserted in emails such as this:

Cool, it removed all the auto-quotes. Awesome!

Replying from email

-----Message d’origine-----
De : “kasbah”
Envoyé : ‎02/‎10/‎2014 04:32

Hmm seems you do have to be careful with those quotes. Not really a problem though.

Yeah, it quotes entire mail including personal email addresses… I edited out mine.

Chris, is there possibility to strip out emails and other sensible data automatically from the email reply?

I think this might be because of the french. Did it auto translate in Gmail? I’m sure it’s simply trying to remove what it originally sends (which looks different if you have it auto translated to another language). I could be wrong though if it’s sending emails in French (maybe that’s an option as well?).

It stripped out the email for me when I auto responded from multiple accounts.

This may be the cause, yes.
I know Facebook somewhat manages to strip out the info, but their algorithm must be way more complex.