Enable mailing list features?

I realised that I haven’t visited in a while because I am used to handling most of my discussions from my email inbox.

I read that Discourse can act like a mailing list and I know it sends me digests if I haven’t visited in a while but I would really like to have a message per topic that I can reply to via email. Is this possible? Does the admin (@ChrisGammell) need to enable it maybe?

It’s enabled and people should be able to get digest emails. You can click on the icon in the upper right and go to the Preferences menu, which will take you to “https://forum.kicad.info/users/YOURUSERNAME/preferences

From there, you should see something like this:

If you don’t, let me know.

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Ah yes, that is it, thanks! Not sure where I was looking.

Though this doesn’t allow you to reply to the email to reply to the topic on this forum. Is that a possibility?

I don’t know but somehow I got Gmail Temporary Error and after it, I am not able to use my account. This happened while I was downloading an attachment file after the download finished, I got this message on my screen. After this error, I checked my internet speed. Well, that is fine too. Can anyone sort this out from this trouble?