Rename a symbol (part)

How is one supposed to rename a part now in the later nightly versions ?

somehow I have gotten confused.

Right click the symbol and choose rename is not an option.

you can do about 10 things to the part but rename it. (in the right click menu)

Open it up in the parts editor and save it under a new name.

It seems this function got overlooked…

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Last time this came up i could rename a symbol by changing its value field. (Press e while your mouse is on top of the field. One can not change the value field from within the general symbol fields dialog.)
I don’t know if this still works. (My test was two or three weeks ago.)

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used to be able to do that.
cant find it no longer , but I am open to the possibility that I am overlooking something.

I would have hoped everyone by now knows that “parts”, “symbols”, “footprints”, “modules”, “components” are not necessarily the same thing, and at least be alert to the possibilities for confusion.

I believe the standard terms being adopted by KiCad for v5 is “symbol” and “footprint”, and to remove all references to modules, parts, components.

Well, it says “symbol(part)” and the first sentence says “rename a part”. Later he says symbol. I guess I just assumed context would prevail.

Tried to change the value field with in the “T” dialogue, that wasnt doable

grey;ed out, non selectable.

Also its now unclear to me how to be able to copy a symbil into another lib

I had to revert into using kicad-librarian third party utility

if cleaning up the nomenclature, I also hope for change of “Value” to ID or Name.

That worked


But stil dont know how to move components to another lib,
Before i just opened another lib, and the “current symbol” was floating live in the edit cache, and could be saved into the new current lib.

Not anymore it seems.

All is done in the left tree view:
right click on source symbol name -> copy
right click on target lib name -> paste
(Again might have changed in the two or three weeks since i last played with nightlies.)

There is also “Export/Import component (symbol)” buttons, which can be used for manipulating individual symbols, but sounds like it is not needed.

Yes, sorry, I may have got confused myself :blush:

KiCad has a habit of using 3 different words to mean the same thing, I’ll be glad when that is tidied up!

If you export you can export to a new lib that will contain this single symbol

I am afraid that if you export to an existing lib, that existing lib will be replaced with one single symbol.

this is my view on the export function,

Import, could have worked possibly, dont remember.

I am using the latest nightly, but I used middle November before that and it was about the same.

Yes that is true, export/import work with a library with a single symbol - export does not insert the current symbol into an existing library, although you couldn’t guess that from the interface. It’s a way of making the “current” cached symbol permanent.
I guess that suggestion was more confusing than helpful!

I understand now:

as said before.

In the Tree:

Copy part
Paste Part

Simple , and I guess I have done it earlier but the Christmas break and all was forgotten :slight_smile:

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