Ratsnest thickness

Is it possible to change the thickness of the ratsnest from the little thin line which is default to a thicker one?

Not on 7.x.x. You can only alter color, value and opacity.

8.0.0 rc1 has the above features plus the ability to alter width. See Preferences > Preferences > PCB Editor Editing Options.

Thanks jmk, wow, that’s just great, just tested it and yeah KiCad more and more improves, of course, like a good piece of art!



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I’ve been running 7.99 for some time.
As a visual inspection to see if I’ve missed any tracks when I think a board is complete; I change the ratsnest to “big, fat, lime green”. It is then obvious to see if I’ve missed a track somewhere.

That results in one type of problem fewer on the DRC. :smiley:

Yes, that EXACTLY what the problem is/was! (and lime green is of course a good one in this case)

You’re just biased, after my noticing the color of your avatar! :rofl:

The software I used some 30 years ago pretty much had the ratsnest as the sole tool to find the location of that last missing track. And often it was a less than a mm long segment that got erased or misplaced somehow during the design. But in KiCad, there is PCB Editor / Inspect / Design Rules Checker / Unconnected Items. And this tab page immediately shows any missing connections, and pans it into view when you click on it.

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As I wrote above.

No wide lime green ratnest lines gives me that “warm fuzzy feeling” before I venture forth into the wilds of the DRC :smiley:

jmk, I agree, the DRC, which is more or less a mess—Eagle for example is way more graphical “clear”, easy for a child to run it and to fast understand the errors—has to be run in every design, of course, so this possibility of edit ratsnest is a big improvement during the workflow.