Question about autorouter (FreeRouting?) on Ubuntu


Hi. I’m using the 2013-july-07-stable build of KiCad on Ubuntu running under VMWare (hosted on MacOS X).

I am really enjoying using KiCad. I would like to use autorouting on my project. It appears that the solution for this is to use FreeRouting. Also, FreeRouting is no longer available as a web app, so it needs to be run from the file system instead of the web.

I downloaded the git archive from

Then I build it using “ant”. This has created a folder called “binaries” containing a file called FreeRouting.jar.

I’m having trouble figuring out how to complete the rest of the setup for FreeRouting so that I can use it from within KiCad.

Can anyone explain how I would go about finishing this installation? Or even run free routing as some kind of external utility and then re-integrate the files into KiCAD?

Thank you!

How to enable Autorouting on Ubuntu 16.04?

You should be able to java -jar FreeRouting.jar if you have a java installed the works with freerouting (openjdk-7-jre ?). You can then import the .dsn you exported from KiCad.