How to enable Autorouting on Ubuntu 16.04?


Hi All, I’m new to PCB design software and Kicad. So far the software is working well for me on Ubuntu. However, I have a question:

Can anyone offer any advice on automatic routing on Ubuntu?

The second button is greyed out for me, and I’m not sure exactly what I need to do to enable it.

So far I’ve found only one thread on this topic, and it’s rather old.

Is the thread I linked to still good advice?

Thanks for any help.


I can not. But, maybe I can help a little.

There has not yet seem to be any recent real solid information about auto-routing and the OS it is served under.

What I do suggest is to use and try out the OpenGL canvas and the push/shove router.


Simple: don’t use it.


I followed some instructions I found online. I’ve had a quick go and it seems to work OK.