Python - script to generate gerber and drill file [and maybe also images]]


I made a script to generate the gerbers and drill file, and send all of them into a compressed folder

Half of the work has been done, today I made the other half and here there is the result

Now there is the last step: create an image from these files, I googled a little bit around and found this but honestly i wan’t very lucky and it didn’t worked (maybe problem between windows and cairo), anyone would like to give any hints about the code? or would like to help? now it is working

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Are you planning to put this out on github? I was writing a similar script and came across this. I’m glad to see you put the hooks for the plugin. I was going back and forth if I wanted to make this CLI. I think this makes more sense. As, I scrolled down the code you have posted, I think there is an indention that is missing for the generate_drill_file def. Based on the work I’ve done, this looks like it will likely do what I was working on. I’ll post if I run across any bugs or issues.


the forum have some problems with the python indentation, i posted the final version here:

everything is working fine, also the pcb render

Please if you made any change let me know!

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