Proposal. Pinned mini FAQ for this topic

@holger I’ve kicked this around for awhile. Would a mini-FAQ, pinned to the top, with links to the appropriate documentation, tutorials, etc. be a good idea for this category?

Yes, I would think it to be a good idea. Who is supposed to fill this faq with contents?

I started it a few minutes ago. I made it a WIKI so any number of members will be able to edit it. I just put the link in you already posted. It seems this area gets a lot of folks that have no clue where to start. I also did a ‘forever’ pin so it will be at the top when new users first start looking. Even at that it seems not a lot of folks find the sub forum category of simulation. I know I move a lot of them myself.

I added a link to holgers tread with spice examples. I had been wondering every now and then of why that thread was not marked as a FAQ article.

And why call it a “mini” FAQ?
There are some pointers in the FAQ index:

But apart from that there is no other FAQ article for simulation, so this new one will hopefully grow into a starting point for anything ngSpice related in KiCad.

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I’m sure this is a wonderful idea.
But as a normal day-to-day user, I’ve no idea what a “pinned WIKI” is. I see no changes on the web page. Please enlighten me.

Pinned means when the category is first opened it will be post number one. WIKI means it is editable by anyone with the proper permissions, not just the original author. Also, it won’t close after three months. Well, the thread might but not the ability to edit the post.

Thanks. But it doesn’t seem to be “pinned” anywhere.

You probably have Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom checked in your forum Preferences under Interface (turns the pin automatically upwards but you can click on it again).

I also have it “unpinned”, but it still shows a greyed out pin. Both on top of this page:

… and on the main page:

Hermit made another thread for discussions and ideas about this FAQ topic.

As this is supposed to be(come) a FAQ article, I have an urge to delete all posts that do not contribute directly to the FAQ topic. I’ll let it sit for a little while longer, until ML9104’s confusion has settled, but I see no advantage to keep these posts.

I also think a title like “Getting started with simulation in Kicad” is a more appropriate title, although having “Simulation” as the first word may serve it better as a search keyword.

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Probably the same as mentioned above… tack

I seem to be too unintelligent to use this forum. I cannot find any of the functions you refer to, sorry.
I do not see “Preferences”, let alone {“interface”] anywhere.

Then it should be posted as such, and not as a general topic.

It was posted as such; the off-topic posts in the FAQ topic were moved to this thread which is not an FAQ.

I thought so too, however, I can not find it in the FAQ index, and when I look at the labels, it has a Schematic and a Simulation label, but no FAQ label (which has a dark blue square). I think the assumption is made because “FAQ” is used in the title.

I’ve tried some clicking around and I think I can change it to a FAQ label, but then I would loose the Schematic and Simulation labels, I do not know how to attach multiple labels, and don’t want to mess around too much with existing threads.

Just had a play,

Easy to move to FAQ, but then gains a FAQ label instead of Sch & Sim.
Maybe Sch. & Sim must be reflected in the title?

Left click your ID (ML9104) on any post.
Left click your enlarged ID
Select “Preference” RH side of list towards top.
Select greyed “Interface” bottom of LH list.
Fourth box down in “Other”… untick.

You may also Left click your avatar up top then left click the person symbol then go to summary or preferences.

This is a problem with Pinning anything. The default is to “unpin” when bottom of thread is reached.
Any newbees will probably have never explored these preferences so will always have threads unpinned.

While the forum software helps a lot to reduce maintenance tasks, it isn’t too transparent, unfortunately. Also, regular and promoted users have more features and they are sometimes not fully aware of this themselves. For example, some can still read all deleted postings using the pencil symbol while regular users can only use it to read previous versions of edited postings. It also looks different if you use a private window in your browser and are not logged in.

Usually, blue text in my postings are links that give more information (if they are not broken).

This gives a list of permissions for each level. The list is mostly accurate. The only discrepancy I have found is the Wiki Editing: only Level 3 & Level 4 are able to edit wikis.

Study both this and the link by Franzee. Examinations are held the sixth Tuesday of every month :grin:

Scoring is:

2 points for a correct
-1 point for an incorrect
½ point for a near miss.