Problem with "Design Rules Editor" filter


I’m working with version (5.1.4) -1 Windows 7

I have a problem with the « Design Rules Editor » as you can see in this video :

I can’t assign the name of the filter, nor resize the column.

But I can net by net assign the class

Is there another way to do things

Thanks in advance.


The same happens to me. I thought it would have been fixed, but I have to check if it’s in the bug database. Meanwhile you can change the Net class filter (or New net class) with keyboard arrows after you have clicked the dropdown list once.

There should be no need to resize the column as long as netclass names are short enough. You can try to resize the whole dialog horizontally.

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I didn’t find a report with a quick search, I filed one.

See also Assign Net Class bug in PCBNew.


Thank you very much eelik.
The use of the keyboard is for the moment a good improvement.

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