Problem trying to import DXF files



I have a problem everytime I try to import a DXF file on Kicad, nothing appears :slight_smile:
I do File - Import - DXF file, I select edge.cuts as my layer after selecting my file but nothing appears after i press ok. I tried to open it in every mode but it never works

Here is the DXF file I am trying to open.

mezzanine.DXF (764.0 KB)

If you have any solution, you’re more than welcome ^^


KiCad not happy with importing DXF silkscreen to footprints editor

So this will be an annoying fix but Kicad is case sensitive and will only import files ending in “.dxf” (lower-case) not “.DXF” (upper-case). And no warning message. :slight_smile:


True, @Seth_h.

mezzanine.dxf imported without any issues.


I also tried with the file in .dxf, no problem ^^
Sad that there is no warning message for this problem since it is not that hard to fix out of Kicad :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help


Recent Windows 64 Nightly does open the upper case “DXF” extension without any problem



I still have problems opening dxf files with Kicad

I try to open this file :
riserbottom.dxf (41.7 KB)

But when I try to imort it on Kicad, nothing happens

If you have any solution for this problem, you’re more than welcome :slight_smile:




Imports ok with KiCad 4.0.6, WIndows 7.


As for the first problem, Windows is in general case-insensitive with file names but Linux etc. is case sensitive. This is a source of many many bugs for many many cross-platform projects. If a developers tests a file with certain name only with Windows it may not work with Linux.

Maybe you should give your KiCad and system info for the second problem (from the About dialog).


That really should be mandatory for people reporting problems, but most people don’t bother!


Yep, my bad :slight_smile:

I am using windows 10, x64 and Kicad 4.0.7

Tell me if you need more information

  1. if you want to import the dxf as the board edge, you need to avoid the page frame, the contact draws and the drill targets
    riserbottom-board.dxf (31.0 KB)

  2. you can then import the dxf of the board edge as Edge layer and after the other draws as supporting layer (i.e. Drawing)
    riserbottom-all.dxf (76.5 KB)

and this is the result
riserbottom.kicad_pcb (32.9 KB)



I tried to import both of your .dxf files, none of them worked

What i do on Kicad is file, import, DXF file then I select center of my page and edge cuts for my layer but everytime nothing happen

Do i do something wrong ?



Just to make sure - is the layer visible? It’s possible to select it as active even if it’s invisible. Have you tried to draw something there by hand to see if it works?


Yes it is active, and when I draw something myself it works


I am using windows 10, x64 and Kicad 4.0.7

I tested it on the same environment…
I don’t know why you shouldn’t see it…

As a different approach you may consider also to use FreeCAD and StepUp to define your pcb Edge or to convert dxf to pcb Edge
the Sketcher for Getting to Blinky


I’m a little late to the party but opened the mezzanine.DXF file in Sublime text editor and noticed a bunch off lines of what I cal “Hex-ascii garbage.”


Ooops ! sent prematurely.

Anyway, the mezzanine.DXF opened in my BricsCAD v18 app and I exported as AutoCAD r10 ascii. Presto ! No lines of hex-ascii garbage ! File then imported fine in V4.06.
Saving dxf drawings to R10 format has given me no problems in any KiCAD bound project drawn up in BricsCAD. I found that suggestion long ago in the KiCAD developers manual somewhere…
My 0.02