Problem in Annotate Schematics

Hello everyone
Using Version 6.0.0-rc1-dev-107-gb6934bf54

In the Schematics i perform clear Annotation and the programm is hanging, the same happens if i make Reset existing annotations. Keep existing annotations is working fine, previous rc was working.

Make a bug report over at the bugtracker. (Devs do not really read this forum.)

But when you do include a bit more information. Example:

  • Does this happen do every schematic? (Even one with only one component?)
  • Does it maybe only affect schematics with hierarchical sheets?
  • If you have hierarchical sheets, did you start the tool while in the root sheet or in a sub sheet? (Did you select “annotate whole schematic”?)

Also give the full version string you get from help->about->copy version information.

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Or rather paste the whole thing as it is, not just the version string (which was already given).

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