Problem 5.1.4 Print To PDF Landscape

My workflow is create a schematic, save and print to a PDF which I place in a single PDF bookmarked file with all my drawings. In 5.0.2 it worked fine (am now on 5.i.4 from PPA). Now Portrait works and Landscape is off center. To duplicate start a new schematic, set to LTR and hit print. In the preview pop up it looks good and then press print select printer then preview, looks good. Now do same steps with page in Landscape. The pop up preview is good, press print and preview and it is off center. Am I missing a setting somewhere. Did find similar topic concerning Plot (Printing in Linux). If I plot it to svg, open in Inkscape and save to PDF works. A work around. Apologize in advance if I am missing something obvious.

Was looking at bugs and it seems that it is in progress at some point.
Sounds just like problem I am having. Good to know it will be fixed.

Confirming the same behaviour on 18.04.2

I wonder if this just a local PPD issue.

Why use print and then trust the operating system to create a pdf if there is the plot feature? (you do not need to go via svg you can plot directly to pdf)

Yes your workaround works for PDF. Have to remember to set output mode to B/W (print mode has popup same function so no difference).
But to answer your question is that it worked flawlessly in 5.0.2 and the issue showed up when I first used 5.1.4 while redoing some schematics due to changing some symbols in my library. Just checked and same problem with printing to printer which also worked in 5.0.2. So if I want to print the page I would then have to plot to PDF, open PDF and print. Reason did not try your recommendation was confused by Schematic Size box which did not list LTR.
Am using to draw Illustrative Schematics for reference type purposes. Example have Box Symbols and on schematic I connect boxes using wire tool and at point where wire intersects box I use my wire cap symbol (pin with no pin length) to close the wires. Example enclosed.
Overall outstanding program does everything my previous Windows program did
minus a couple of things which are totally out of the scope of what KiCad is meant to do.


Use graphical lines instead of wires. (can be set to solid lines since v5)
Or make a symbol with zero length pins for your boxes.

But to be honest you might really be better off with a tool like inkscape, dia or even the powerpoint equivalent of libre office for drawing things like you show here.

Thank you for the tip. Did try and was able to change to solid and test. Now is there a way to set the preference of the Place Graphic Lines to start in solid?
I am very poor at locating preference settings as in this post. Looked and looked but did not see that one right in front of me. Got too focused on Preferences.

Did try Inkscape but KiCad is superior in what I am using for. The box example was just simple drawing to show how I presently do one item. I am starting work on converting my drawings using your line method which I feel is much better than the way I was doing with wire and caps.(did take effort to duplicate and place wire caps) At moment have 385 symbols in my Custom Library. Draw some using electrical type symbols with pins, some with mix of symbols and box symbols, and others with all box type symbols. Thanks again, while typing this may give a lot of thought to using your line method to replace my use of boxes.
Thank you again

As you use symbols anyway just place zero lengths pins in them. (You can even just place loads of pins around the symbol perimeter on some sane grid allowing you to connect it at these places. Similar to the connection points of DIA.)
The wire tool is much easier to use especially if you need to change something. (I kind of assumed you do not use symbols this is why i suggested the graphical line tool.)

Movavi PDF Editor is a good editor for professionals, so grab it, if you experience some troubles with other software. I usually edit some parts with it that aren’t converted properly.

Thank you for PDF suggestion but I am on Ubuntu. Before I switched on Windows was using Adobe Acrobat Pro. Now for very similar am using Qoppa PDF Studio Pro, Inkscape on certain single sheet pdfs and PDF Shuffler for quick use on such things as owners manuals to remove extra language sections.

Another thanks to Rene. Played around with his suggestion and added non visible pins around the perimeters of my Box symbols. Created pin symbol, copy and paste into box symbol and place as needed on box. Redid all in my library and added now 650 symbols. May not meet his sane amount but easier for me than trying to figure out lesser number on each box. Replotted all my drawings to PDFs with new

Okay, whatever suits you the best, man!

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