Printing hierarchical sheets

I used a hierarchy to insert multiple instances of a subcircuit into a schematic. Worked great and made the root sheet so much neater. But when it came to printing, one sheet was produced for every instance of the subcircuit. I can remove the extra sheets by subsetting the PDF file, but I was wondering if anything had improved since this answer.

I also wonder if there is now any facility to control the printing order since this question.

But really what I like to have in some future release is to print the root sheet with template child sheets with unannotated components, 1 per subcircuit. So the printout would not be a complete representation of the whole circuit, but more pedagogical. To get the complete circuit one would import the design files anyway. (although it’s for plotting).

If you look carefully, you should see that each printed sheet should have the proper Ref’d identifiers for that sheet instance. But, I agree. This can be a big waste of paper when going to hardcopy.

Of course, I understand that the printout represents the fully expanded circuit.

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