Pour area editing in 4.0?

I have a copper pour that is too large, and I would like to edit it to be smaller.

Unfortunately, the instructions for doing this on the forum here, doesn’t seem to hold anymore. The contextual menus “add cutout area” or “create corner” don’t seem to exist.

So how does one go about editing a pour in KiCad 4.0?


Seems to work (4.0.2) ?
You first flip to outline only mode,by click 'do not show filled areas in zones’

Then you can select the outline, and move seg or add corner.
OpenGL/Cairo view seems a little smarter than Default, in that circles and squares hints appear on the selected Outline.
Circles can mouse-drag as move-segment, and squares can move-corner.
The squares also show if you have extra corners in the polygon, and it seems you can drag extra ones to over-the-top of another, to remove*. (edit.cleanup seems to not scan pour polygons ?! :frowning: )

Move segment is not my ideal, as it fails to preserve angle, but it does work.

*Addit: hmm, not actually remove, as if I move again, they are simply stacked.
Needs user explicit Select.Remove corner to remove.

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Thank you very much!

I was trying a different mode I think, and I couldn’t get the circles and squares to show up.