Post-v5 new features and development news


New canvas for PageLayoutEditor.
Selection model for PageLayoutEditor.
Handle-based editing for PageLayoutEditor.
Cut/copy/paste for PageLayoutEditor.


Nice, all canvas now converging.
I just got some “\n” string in an multline text (I will report).

@JeffYoung, is it possible now copy some draw (line and poligons) from Pcbnew to footprint editor?


@hildogjr, not yet. The PCBNew canvases were done in 4.0 so I haven’t done anything to them (yet).


I forgot to mention that the new Eeschema Find/Replace highlights all matches up-front. The current match is selected.


Legacy graphics/canvases/toolkits have been removed. The options are now “Accelerated graphics” and “Standard graphics”.


:sob: and some other character


A post was split to a new topic: Is there a way to supress “more than one name given to bus or wire” warning?


New hotkey architecture. More actions now available for hotkey assignments.

Hotkey list in preferences is now like the rest of preferences: it shows the hotkeys for whatever apps are currently running.


Available tomorrow will be a command to toggle between the last two net highlights in Pcbnew. (There is no out-of-the-box hotkey assignment for it, so you’ll have to decide for yourself what hotkey you’re willing to reassign if you want to use it.)


Sheet pins on top and bottom of sheet.

Guide circle for Arc tool.

Via calculator (thanks to Nabeel Ahmad).


Even some mouse actions are now in the Hotkeys.


Nice, mouse gesture now listed. It make possible future assign double click and middle button as hotkeys (


Eeschema drawing hotkeys are now immediate and leave the previous tool selected when done. Same for context menu.

Move and drag now also leave the previous tool selected when finished.

Let me know if you find this better / worse / indifferent.



Some people have hated KiCad’s arc tool. This new feature may help in some use cases: it has a dragging point in the middle of the arc.

Sometimes it moves a bit arkwardly.


Try out the delete tool (trash-can icon at bottom of toolbar).


Is this a V5.X.x nightly, or V6.X.x nightly?

I think V5 and V6 nightlies should have their own separate threads.


This topic is about pre V6
V5.1.x will not be getting new features, just bug fixes


Right, everything here is about the “master” branch which will later become 6.0. There’s not much reason to keep a similar thread for 5.1.x, although it would be good to have a changelog list of fixed bugs. But that development can be followed almost as easily by reading the git commit log although the messages can be somewhat cryptic sometimes.


Rene’s option (1) from: Filled zone cuts corner of mask on square pads will be in the next nightly.


Eeschema’s delete-tool-highlighting has also spread to LibEdit, ModEdit, Pcbnew and PlEditor.