Plot with fixed y-max, y-min, parametric plots

I am trying to see the results of a pot position on the ac plot of a tone control. When I change the value, the new plot rescales the y axis. Is there a way to use fixed scaling to compare plots? Alternatively, how can I automate the process of plotting parametric changes together on a single plot?

Halfway down the thread below there is an example of using parameters to adjust resistance.
My spice experience is very limited and i’m not sure if this helps you but this will be easier for you to judge.

I think you need to use a .control block to emulate a typical SPICE .step command. I suck at those, but maybe @holger might be able to help you with that. He’ll also know if it’s possible to manipulate/plot the data how you want it within the Simulator app.

In the meantime, one workaround I can think of is maybe copy the circuit multiple times, change the desired circuit parameter/element-value for each copy, and then probe the desired node for each copy. They should all show up on the same plot this way.

I had already found a pot sub circuit here pot model
So I put the subcircuit in a file and use it as a spice model
but I need help to compose the commands to step it and plot.