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when I go to Plot in the PCB editor the window is displayed too large, how can I change this?

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Hover over the the top edge of the Plot window until the “resize” cursor will appear, click and drag it down. That should resize it.


Hi! I am running Debian 12 with latest update and KiCad 8.0.2 from flatpak, also with the latest updates. I have the same problem, that the plotting / export gerber window is way too large and i cannot reach the buttons on the bottom.

Resizing the window, like @greg_m mentioned, does also NOT work. The window just does not resize from any point.

Edit: I use usually GNOME from debian stable repo. I just tried in another window manager if the problem still exists, and it looks to me, that the dialog just doesnt has the buttons for the export

(screenshot taken running JWM X11)

For my Case, going back to an older version brought me the buttons and the dialog as it should be back:

sudo flatpak update --commit=4340fad084d4a35accae84a567b8e3d84e4c2df5b493e3e701678251b2873259 org.kicad.KiCad

This is version 8.0.1

So it looks to me like a bug in version 8.0.2

This is a wxWidgets regression: regression: 3.2.5 kicad/gtk plot window is not shown correct. · Issue #24551 · wxWidgets/wxWidgets (

Worked around in KiCad 8.0.3.

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The same bug was mentioned here recently: