Please make a Android-version of KiCAD!

Laptop battery packs usually fail because one or two cells fail. You have three battery packs. Open them, test the cells, mix and match, and you will probably end up with two good battery packs.

You do know how to use wire cutters and a soldering iron? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The Laptop was a long time not in use, from 2016/2017(i dont remember it clearly what my neighbourg said) to Jan This jear! and by the way the battery weighs exactly 300g! its an easy-to-remove-battery. and for your question: i have messed up my soldering iron, but only because my teacher who teached me how to use it has forgotten to teach me the how i take care of it in the right way!(can you understand this? my englich is sometimes bad, writing in english is for me as a German Potato difficult ← have i wrote this word right?)

Please, also make a Text-based User Interface version of KiCAD.

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I’m not sure why this is here or how it relates to Android. Did I enter this?

The command line version request.

Oh, OK. SKiDL only textifies the schematic entry phase. I suppose kicad-cli handles some more. But there isn’t any text-based option for layout unless you expect people to open a Python console and start issuing calls to the PCBNEW API. That sounds horrific.

This reminds me of the text-based computer games some students played when I was in university.
If I remember correctly, you kind of had to build the imaginary model of the playing field / environment in your head, and then make text-inputs to the game.
I didn’t have time to play those, but I imagine making PCB layout in a text-environment (without the graphical representation of the PCB) would be yet another level…

->You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.

Route forward 6…


I read the entire thread. Well pretty much all. Why has this thread gotten so far? Did I miss something useful? An enquiring mind wants to know :upside_down_face: Well it was a good laugh anyway.

I also read the entire thread - compared to all the extremely useful information I already found in this forum - this thread here in meanwhile is completely sheer nonsense to me… lets go back to more useful things