Please make a Android-version of KiCAD!

I Need a version for my smartphone!

My Laptops Battery is not so good anymore, so i can’t do anything in KiCAD when I’m not home!

Well it’s not impossible and there is actually a kicad on android port. It just a question of whether it’s worth it to maintain it because it requires someone to be on top of it.

Also keep in mind, we won’t be investing in creating a completely new UI for a smartphone, that’s massively in excess of labor needed. You would need a smartphone monitor dock or something.

@dsa-t lolololol

Well, Apr 1st only is in 4 days, so that’s a little early for a trick :wink:. No harm meant though.


Yes I really wonder whether this OP was serious. I find it hard enough to use my iPhone as a word processor.

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I’ve had success building a heavily customized KiCad on Android, the build scripts are here: GitHub - dsa-t/kicad-android: A set of scripts to build KiCad for Android.

While the basic UI is working, the underlying wxWidgets’ wxQt port is not mature enough, so it crashes/freezes when performing many actions.

Apart from that, I don’t think it would be convenient to operate KiCad with touch inputs, so the UI needs to be reworked

The best bet right now is to run KiCad in a Linux virtual machine on Android.

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Some of those Chromebooks have enough RAM and screen space to make it workable, and there is a Linux environment that can be activated. It might be possible to pair a BT mouse.

In the meantime it might be quicker to start a crowd donation plea for your next laptop. 1 € here and 1 € there and you’re done.

Chromebooks are Linux running chrome as a shell and not android.

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my Laptop is an Acer Aspire E1-711, kali linux 2024.1, 1TB HDD. Free for me, a neighbor give me this laptop, i cleaned it, and now i have this 3kg-laptop!
Apk or other on my phone -nope-!
only Google Play, sorry!

They have an environment for running Android apps. My Chromebook tablet home screen is the app launcher, not the Chrome browser, looking more like a smartphone or Android tablet than the previous generations of Chromebooks. It was absolutely essential for Google up bring Chromebooks into the Android world.

Anyway that actually makes them closer to standard Linux distros so easier to port.

Which? I need one for free on Google Play

AnLinux, for example.

Or, just set up a VNC server on your laptop, and tunnel the port via SSH.

I’ll try it out if my mobile data is enough!

27% downloading!

This works, but other BIGGER downloads not!

You will still need to download Linux ISOs later, which can be gigabytes in size.

have you a list of other examples?

can i make my smartphone two-boot-bootable?

or we look for a app who can run this! or so…

for KiCAD i would turn my smartphone in a multi-boot
half android half pc :sweat_smile:

Andronix, UserLAnd, AndroLinux, …

You don’t need to: the virtual machine runs as a normal app/service on your phone, then you just connect to it using a VNC client (also a normal app)

but it had some better aspects, am I right?