PCBNew: Route tracks between pads that weren't connected on the Eeschema schematic?

I can’t seem to connect pads that aren’t connected in the ratsnest; how can I do so?

You can switch-off DRC via left toolbar, but you have to know this could be risky. This isn’t good practice in PCB design.


Why do you want to do this?
You know that you can read the netlist again and update the status of the pcbnew ratsnest, after you did change the schematic and exported the netlist there, right?

Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed. How would this be risky though?

You can route tracks totally out of control. What happend if you short some thing you shouldn’t short? Happy fireworks… :wink:


Because when you have forgotten what you did or someone else picks up the design and starts from the netlist, the added track is lost

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