PCBnew joining tracks at funny angles when editing

Hi all, I’m hoping someone else has seen this and knows what’s going on with the newer version of Pcbnew. I’m seeing this issue where when I try and replace part of a track, existing sections will try and snap to the new one awkwardly. This means that tracks can all be skewed by a couple degrees and it’s getting in the way of my routing. My account is too new to post multiple pictures at once but hopefully this demonstrates what I mean:

The trace on the far right was originally straight and parallel with the others, but the lowermost section has gone off at a strange angle after I’ve added the kink in it. No idea why.
Anyone know how to disable this?

KiCad version? I remember a similar issue in one of the point releases that got fixed later.

This is version 5.1.5, from the mainline Ubuntu 20.04 repos

Seems you are running into this: 5.1.5 Interactive router weird track angles

Update to 5.1.6, there are instructions for ubuntu on kicad download page.


Ah gotcha, thanks for finding that thread.

Frustrating that the Ubuntu maintainers grabbed a buggy version for inclusion in their 5 year support release. I guess I’ll move to the PPA.

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