PCBNew importing SVG: NOT in scale 1:1

I have not clue if it’s a wrong setting or a bug

I prepare an SVG 165x40mm with some graphical stuff.
I export it 1:1
I import it into PCBNew import scale 1.000000, but I get a result way smaller than the 1:1 scale

EDIT: here the SVG into the ZIP

Where am I wrong?
Untitled.zip (873 Bytes)

That scaling issue looks a bit weird. I don’t know what’s going on there.
You can examine the header of your SVG files. It is readable text, even though it’s a bit cryptic.
but it can give you an answer whether the export or the import is faulty.

You’re wrong in assuming your wrong. (It’s a psychological thing).
There is a discrepancy with unknown cause. Why do you assume it’s your fault?

I assume it can be my fault somewhere since I didn’t get any other one having the same issue and perhaps it’s something I ignore

I edited my post … I uploaded the SVG into the ZIP …

1st: I can’t install v6 on my Mac (and I won’t upgrade the mac) so, I can’t do any real confirmation.

However, I know SVG pretty well so, perhaps this may help as a stating point…

Change the units from % to px and mm (using the viewbox values and your dimensions of 165 and 40)…)

I did it already but it didn’t work :-/

First thing to do is verify that you get a 1:1 result in other SVG viewing software - that will confirm nothing is wrong with the SVG. Thus, if nothing wrong with SVG, Kicad is the problem…

Below shows the image in Inkscape and Gravit. Correct dimensions. Thus, I think Kicad is the problem…

Yes the SVG is correct.I also printed in on paper and the size is ok.

So should i open another ticket linking this post :frowning:

That’s up to you… (FYI - I don’t report/post or file bug’s and I stick with older versions of (all) software until 98% of the bug’s are fixed).

Never you will get 100% bugs fixed and any new release has its own new one and fixed old ones.
The issue is: how frequent updates are released.
So, yes, we have to wait

Well it seems Inkscape has issue at leas your version? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
In the last version, Inkscape returns the same size of KiCAD. I installed it after a talk in GitHub where it was spotted this.

Just kidding, it’s true about the new version but it seems it’s related to DPI. Hence if this is changed, it changes also the size

I wanted to try. Inkscape doesn’t export filled in polygons as Affinity. But sizes are ““correct””
hence I suppose KiCAD is also correct but not Affinity.
So, I opened a topic on Affinity forum … now let’s get insulted even there …
However, wanted or no wanted, sizes are NOT correct and this has issues. And all related DPIs :frowning:

Somebody will think “why should you use SVGs in a PCB program”.
I tell you: JLCPCB realizes ALUMINUM PCBs which are used to create FRONT and BACK Panels.
What they need, is GERBER Format.

HENCE the only one way to create a front panel under these conditions, is to create a SVG with the correct f…ng size, import it into the not-graphical-friendly-at-all PCBNew, then export the Gerber.

Uploading it to JLCPCB, I get the panel I need: machined and serigraphed.

Hence: there is a valid “because” answering to the “why”, related this need :-/

FYI to get a front panel 165x40 OR 150x110mm machined and serigraphed, it costs around 5.5 Euro included shipping and import taxes to Belgium.

Perhaps it’s time to improve the graphical management of KiCAD … ah no … I forgot that somebody says “it doesn’t serve to me, so we can go back to hieroglyphics” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I reported another SVG bug in V6.99 where SVG imported correctly in V6 now do not import correctly in V6.99

I would humbly suggest that the developers need a “ wee bit “ more testing before these merges are occurring. Very obvious functionality bugs appear that really shouldn’t get past the primary developer let alone anyone specifically doing feature testing ( ie us !!). test harness often are very inadequate for functional testing , nothing beats a man out to break a piece of software !!!

Yep but in fact I was almost moked by the developer on GitLab to have highlighted this issue.
Hence I don’t f…ng care any longer.
This attitude of “we do always right, you are always wrong, it’s your fault, you must change your workflow” is fu…ing annoying. Believe me!

If I export a file with determined sizes, these sizes muts be respected.
I don’t care if with inkscape is the same or not. I’m using KiCAD not inkscape!
I don’t care about inkscape at all, since it’s not an “industry standard” or any reference point
I do care that when I export something at 165mm by 110mm it is respected when imported.

Otherwise a use case is totally screwed-up, and a product can’t be delivered as it should, just because what I told right above.

Please provide a link.

You do realise that 6.99 is an unstable development build? There is absolutely no guarantee that it has been tested. With a small band of developers, code may be committed before it has been completely validated, the file format may change, weird things might happen with no way back to a stable version. But bug reports should be made and I have always found that good bug reports are very welcome.

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…adding that the DPI of both the viewing software and the machine graphics have a firm roll to play. User must know the DPI and can, thus, adjust the Scale for DPI difference…

Inkscape old was 92DPI (default) Now, it’s 96DPI. But, they are user settable in Inkscape.
You also need to know Kicad’s DPI and your machine’s DPI…

Get it? the ‘S’ in SVG stands for 'Scalable’VectorGraphics. Graphic software is Not designed for PCB compatibility - it’s designed for Graphic readability and display…

EDIT: Link, If interested…


Right to the point. Well said.

If it is clear the DPI value of KiCAD we can export at that value. The issue is, on Affinity Forum, they tested the file I uploaded, because at certain moment in time, I thought it was a problem with it. They told me that with the same DPI, file are indeed very similar size.

Well, they didn’t tell: identical. They told: very similar. So, I suppose still some difference, which is concerning me.

And again, I can’t understand why printing it on paper, everything is fine. Correct size. No matter the DPI. But this is my illiteracy perhaps and I have to work on it.

I applied again the suggestion of @BlackCoffee and now it worked.
I have not clue what I did wrong the first time. However this time worked out.

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Sure I know that but it’s surprising that worked and now don’t .

VIceversa: it was not working and now yes. I should also tell I did it in another file, since the test one I used here I deleted, since the answer about the “dpi” thing. Right giving up.