PCBnew got broken :(

Hi there!
Today I faced with my PCBnew not able to start.
Yesterday evening everything was OK. But today - the same project can be opened, I can edit schematic but if I try to open pcb-file - I’v got only screen below:

So I can’t jump to PCBnew. As I can see on the task bar the background color is white, which is weird as it should be black.
Even in case of blank project PCBnew behaves the same way.

I tried to open this project on the PC of my colleague - everything is OK.
I tried to restart my PC - that did not help.
I tried to reinstall KiCAD with the current version (4.0.2 - my was 4.0.1) - that didn’t help.
I even tried to completely uninstall the KiCAD and install it again - nothing :frowning:

My OS is Windows 10 64-bit if this meters.

What’s wrong with my KiCAD?

Did you try switch between different canvas mode (Legacy vs OpenGL) ?

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Thank you for replay!
I tried to briefly search the Internet but did not find how to switch it.
Could you please tell me how?

It should be taken into account that if this “switch” is in the PCBnew interface - than I will not be able to switch it as I can’t access PCBnew interface at all.
If this switch is in the main (project) window than I couldn’t find one :frowning:

Canvas switch is F9 / F11 I think. It’s also in the menu somewhere (view?)

Did you try a new user account? Maybe some data got corrupted.

Where does winblows store user data these days? Is it still “%APPDATA%” ?

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If I understand correctly you can’t see a fullscreen Pcbnew window, only this thumbnail in the taskbar ?
Maybe this is a window position problem. Did you use an external screen recently? The Pcbnew window might just be off-screen.
Try right-clicking the thumbnail, then select “Move”, and use your arrow keys to try moving it back to the top-left corner.
Alternatively the window position might be save in a KiCad preference somewhere, and you could reset it there.


Thanks, Caer! This was my problem.
I was really used the second display yesterday.

Thank you very much!