Pcbnew error loading the global footprint library table

Hi everyone,

I was happily using v5 until I wanted to try out this branch from github so I manually installed it as per the repo’s instructions, however this has messed up my libraries as when I try to load Pcbnew (everything else in Kicad opens fine) I get the error:

An error occurred attempting to load the global footprint library table: Unexpected ‘‘symbol’’ in input/source
line 2, offset 126

I’ve checked the offending file but couldn’t see anything which looked like it shouldn’t be there, though whether I actually could spot an ‘unexpected “symbol”’ remains to be seen. Any ideas?

I think that this is the same question as Installing multiple KiCad branches on Linux no?

Heikki’s branch looks like it doesn’t have main branch commits from later than at least May 2017. So you’ll need to use v4 libraries and configuration files.

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