Installing multiple KiCad branches on Linux

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I’m feeling like a Linux noob as I can’t work out how to install a development branch as well as the stable v5 release. I was happily using v5 until I wanted to try out this branch from github so I manually installed it as per the repo’s instructions, however this has messed up my libraries as when I try to load Pcbnew I get an error.

After purging all remnants of Kicad from my system, what can I do differently to make both versions work in parallel?

Heikki’s repository is at least a year or two out of date, although it is hard to tell because he didn’t fork it, so the history is lost. Therefore it is difficult to say but it doesn’t look like there is the new schematic format or pcbnew changes from that time. My guess would be that it only works with the v4 libraries.

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If you really want it, this is possible by using KICAD_CONFIG_HOME environment variable. See Any ultimate Guide on how to use KiCad 4 and 5 on one System? for some history and for in-depth information.

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