PcbNew: Cannot select trace

I’m using Kicad 5.1.5 on Kubuntu.

I’ve just created a new trace that I cannot select. I also cannot move, edit, or delete it. Saving and reloading didn’t help.

What could I do (bug or no bug)?

Correction: The trace could be selected at one end of the trace, but nothing else.

Can you:

  1. Make a copy of the PCB.
  2. Delete most of the distracting stuff from it.
  3. Make a text note on the PCB file which is the offending track.
  4. Upload the offending PCB file here.

No, unfortunately not. I was able to delete the trace with one end, sorry! Was more of a test really, but now it’s gone.

But if it ever happens again, I’ll open a bug ticket.

AFAIR 5.1.5 had the tendency of drawing tracks with slightly off coordinates. I had issues with properly connecting these. Please update your kicad to 5.1.8 as there are many bugs fixed.

Was this topic about the green wires in the schematic, or with copper tracks on the PCB?

Wires have been a bit difficult to select in the schematic if they’re off-grid, for example when they become diagonal after dragging a schematic symbol. In such cases you can still grab them by their end points, or drag a box over them to select them.

It was a track, and it was exactly horizontal. IIRC, it became unselectable after dragging it to the left.

And alas, I cannot easily update Kicad, since I’m bound by the Kubuntu version, which is a LTS version, and I don’t plan to upgrade.

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