PCBNew 6.0.1 missing track highlighter?

In PCBNew 5.1.x there was a button, on the right toolbar, that once pushed, could put in evidence the whole track-path.
I used it quite a lot.

With the 6.0.1 there is a button, inthe same place, that is supposed to highlight the “ratstnest”. So I tried to use it,thinking it was the same as the 5.1.x just with another name, but it doesn’t work as I supposed.

Is that button I’m looking for definitely removed, or is it renamed and put somewhere else, please?

The button is removed. To highlight a track (net) there are a few ways:

  1. Ctrl+click on the net object (Cmd+click on Mac)
  2. Use the “highlight net” hotkey (` by default)
  3. Right-click and choose Highlight Net in the Net Tools menu
  4. Right-click the net in the list of nets in the Appearance panel
  5. Select (left-click) the net from the list in the Net Inspector
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ok, I find more immediate the Ctrl+Left Click. Thank you so much for your help.
Why did they move this feature away from the immediate, and put it as hidden?

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We did not want to keep around the tool where you enter a mode where clicking on things highlights them. Instead we wanted to make it easy to highlight things from any other mode (i.e. when any other tool is active).


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