Path variable for Spice models


I have several different projects spread over a complex system of directories and in different hierarchy levels. For the simulations (before in LTSpice now I wanted to try the new integrated NGSpice) I have a centralized library system. But this only works without much additional effort if you can use relative links to the files in your simulation environment.

Is there any way in KiCad to get the spice model links relative? I already tried the usual approaches (~, …/ etc.) and also the definition of an own KiCad Path variable, but the simulator tool doesn’t recognized any of them.

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Can you send us an example project showing the problem?

I will create a minimum example and come back to you.

here two examples, the first one with a working relative path (sorry for the confusion here i had an error in my path) which would not work for me since i have projects in different hierarchy levels relative to the libraries. the second one is an example how I thought it may could work but didn’t. as said I also tried a self defined variable (like it works for the 3D Models) but i didn’t work either. (26.3 KB) (26.3 KB)