Parser for kicad components

is it possible to make parser for kicad components without adding .lib files if we have kicad to ngspce converter ?

By components, do you mean footprints or symbols?

I have a parser for footprints here (written in Go), which powers Its not 100% complete, but pretty damn close (can parse 99.8% of footprints in ingestion sources).

I have started work on a EESCHEMA 2.x parser here (also written in Go), but it is in a very immature state. Also, IIRC the format is completely changing in KiCad 5??

Looks like the OP meant “ngspice”; which would indicate symbols.

EDIT: in KiCad 6, not 5.

Again, in v6, not 5. The attachements in the Wayne’s post were for some reason .bin files. They are actually .odt files; just rename them and you can open them with Open/LibreOffice.

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