Page settings : export to other sheets AND files?

Does anyone know if there is a planned feature of exporting same page information from schema to layout with a single click?

I looked at what’s online but no mention about it.

I always have to retype the information and since they both (schema and layout) relate to the same file it would be so useful to just click a button and match it throughout. I can’t see why title or revision would be different between apps?

Going even further I would love a feature to export both schematics and layout into one PDF. But that’s probably too much for now?

Am I alone with such hopes?

Text substitution is available in 6. Try using ${title} or ${version} in a text field. There is some help available in the input box.


I wasn’t by my computer when I replied - you actually need upper case text i.e. ${REVISION} for instance.

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In KiCad the usual workflow is more the other way around.

You can create a template from a KiCad project (in the project manager) and then use that template as a starting point for other projects.

Also, this “single click” thing has never been more then a marketing ploy. Being able to create a flawless PCB from a paper schematic with “a single click” can be done maybe if you have the right telephone number pre-programmed in your phone. For most things it would just congest all your workspace with mostly senseless features.

In respect of your second question, have a look at KiBot.

which is discussed here.

it may be more than you need. Unfortunately, python scripting for eeschema/schematic editor didn’t make it into KiCad 6 but will have to wait to KC7.

I haven’t tried KiBot since from what I can understand it doesn’t suit my needs. I want the pcb pdf to searchable and of high resolution.

You can use Board2Pdf to export the pcb (available in KiCad PCM). Then plot the schematics to pdf easily from within Eeschema. Then PdfSAM o similar to merge the two.

Edit: Sure, it’s more than one click but it’s really not that many. I don’t think its very usual that people wants the schematic and pcb in the same pdf, so I doubt that this feature will be added.

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