Opto-Triac: simulation breaks when it is placed in the circuit

I’m trying to simulate a circuit driving an Opto-Triac.
The driving circuit works exactly as expected and simulates wonderfully.
But as soon as the opto-triac IC is placed, it all breaks down. Replacing the opto-triac with two 1N400x in series (to emulate the internal LED) makes the circuit simulate perfectly again.
I suspect something is wrong with the SPICE model for the opto-triac, but am too inexperienced to deduct the issue.

The error (after hanging a very long time at the turn-on point of the device) is:

“doAnalyses: TRAN: Timestep too small; time = …”

I attach the .sch, .net and opto-triac .lib file:
Softstart4.kicad_sch (49.3 KB)
Softstart4.net (18.3 KB)
BRT22H.lib (2.5 KB)

Can someone shed some light here?

Thank You in advance.

Please submit the missing models (Diodes, BJT, Zeners).

1N4007.mod (176 Bytes)
BZX84-C5V6.mod (541 Bytes)
BZX84-C15.mod (594 Bytes)
BC546.lib (414 Bytes)

As said previously, it simulates beautifully until the opto-triac is placed in the circuit.

Thanks for the models. Now there is another problem: Starting simulation with your Eeschema file, it issues a warning, which indeed is an error message: Could not find library file: /home/macro/.local/share/kicad/models/basic_models/bipolar/BC546.lib and others. I do not have such a directory. So I would have to attach anew all the models to the symbols in your circuit to run your circuit. But you do want to get support, not me.

So may I ask you to do the following:
Put all the files (Eeschema, non standard symbol libraries, ngspice models) into a single directory. Attach the models to the symbols.Test it (run the simulation), if this is what you want to publish. Create a zip (or better 7z) compressed directory and post it here. This project would run out-of-the-box if someone wants to check it and provide support.

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