Noob: How to delete a wire on the PCB?

I have multiple boards that will be connected by header pins. How do I remove the rats-nest connections between the boards?

Here is a picture.

What you are trying to do is not currently supported by KiCad.

However, take a look at this thread for further information:

Thanks for the quick response. I read lots of posts but there is nothing like being able to ask someone who can give a definitive answer.

Is there a problem with just leaving the unrouted traces? I thought that it would produce errors in the DRC but it just listed the unconnected traces.

I was going to add mouse-bits between the boards.

I guess if the board house is alright with it there is no problem.

Am I missing something.

Ultimately how you use this tool is your choice. Just be sure that you don’t get complacent about DRC errors. Make sure each is acceptable in your design.

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Most of the low-cost, quick-turn board fabricators expect you to have only one board layout per submission. They will add extra charges if they detect that your Gerber files actually describe more than one board. They may also charge extra for “mouse-bite” breakaway tabs, or for V-scoring between boards. In my mind, this restriction is rather arbitrary, but they are the ones providing the service and shipping the product so they have some authority to set the rules. A few board fabricators are now charging based on the total acreage of the submitted job, so you have more freedom to place multiple boards in your design, or panelize your project.

As with many things related to converting a KiCAD project into physical hardware, you need to contact your chosen board fabricator and discuss the situation.


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As a standard practice, I have trained myself to not accept a design as finished until it is free of all DRC squawks. Admittedly, on some occasions - RARE occasions - the DRC will trigger on some situation which is unavoidable and acceptable. Perhaps KiCAD Version 6 will include the capability to formally deal with this, by over-riding DRC squawks on a case-by-case basis.


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Is there a way to tell KiCAD that those connections will be made with jumper wires?

You could use labels.

Forget that. I’m thinking for the schematic. I thought I just woke up from my nap. I’m wrong. :wink:

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You can try to use fake 0R resistors and annotate them with references starting with # (like #R1). They should be ignored by the PCB. No guarantee, but it’s worth trying.

This is a super kludgy method…

You could design with another layer pair on which you route your inter-board connections.Then when sending out gerbers don’t generate those internal layer gerbers. This should work for this design because your inter-board connectors are through-hole. The intentionally placed traces on the unused layers should remove the DRC issues.

If you are adding mouse bites, you could actually route those tracks across the mouse bite. You can then test the completed board whilst still as one panel. You have to be careful when splitting the two boards apart not to delaminate and strip the copper. You can achieve this by incorporating a neck down or an angle change in the track as it goes over the mouse bite. It might even convince your fab that is one single board.


This is a much better solution than mine. Actually reminds me of some of the prototyping boards from both SparkFun and AdaFruit. Do this, not mine! :wink:


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