No interface when opening Project Manager on Mac


On a High Sierra MBA, I removed Kicad a while back as I was short on disk space for a project.
I probably removed a bit too much. When I install Kicad now, either 4.0.7 or nightly build there is not project interface displayed when I launch the Kicad program manager.
The other applications (eeschema, pcbnew…) behave normally.
Does anyone know how to resolve the issue?? Thanks.

KiCad not starting on MacBook Pro

Changing to View->Enter full screen brings up a garbled full screen.
Resize it and stopping/starting Kicadseems to have resolved the issue.


Thanks. That worked for me too.


Ah thanks. For some reason, it didn’t work for me, but nuking ~/Library/Preferences/kicad did the job, and your post made me think of that.


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