Nightly/v5 replacement for SMD_Packages library? (Looking for SOJ-32)


Hi, in transitioning from v4 to Nightly builds/v5, I’ve found the footprint libraries have all changed. Until today, all the replacement components I’m used have been easy to find.

But now I’m looking for the v5 replacement for the SMD_Packages library, in particular the SOJ-32 footprint. The readme for that library says “This library is deprecated and will be removed.”

Just wondering what the replacement is? Or if it exists? I just refreshed all my footprints with a git pull.

Perhaps it has a new non-obvious name?



This lib was in a terrible state. The usable components in it should have been transferred to more fitting libs. See:

But some might have been missed. (We librarians are only humans after all.)

You could open an issue over at the github repo and report this. But as these footprints do not fulfill our standards it might take some time till somebody is motivated enough to get them to a state where they can be used.
For us the best option would be if you take care of this. But read the library convention first to see what is required.

More infos about reporting bugs (or requesting features) I found a bug. What now?

as these are j-lead components you could adapt the PLCC generator script to generate them for you. The script is not yet merged with the main repo but you can take a look at it in this pull request:


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