Ngspice 31 on Mac

Hello people!
I have installed ngspice-31 on my mac(mojave 10.14), but nevertheless, I am not able to open the file i want on the terminal and shows the following message: no such file or directory. I’ve got a feeling that maybe I’m doing something wrong when writing the command on terminal. I tried to write in many ways in order to check if some of them would work, but I didn’t have success. Does anybody know how to sort out this problem?
I typed these ways on terminal:

What is in aulaonline130420.cir file:


*A Berkeley SPICE3 compatible circuit

  • This circuit contains only Berkeley SPICE3 components.

  • The circuit is an AC coupled transistor amplifier with

  • a sinewave input at node “1”, a gain of approximately -3.9,

  • and output on node “coll”.

.tran 1e-5 2e-3

vcc vcc 0 12.0

vin 1 0 0.0 ac 1.0 sin(0 1 1k)

ccouple 1 base 10uF

rbias1 vcc base 100k

rbias2 base 0 24k

q1 coll base emit generic

rcollector vcc coll 3.9k

remitter emit 0 1k

.model generic npn


This is not a KiCAD related question, so better place it at the ngspice user’s discussion forum:

If directory and file names are o.k. (please check again), this is one thing you might try: in the terminal cd into directory aulaonline_130420 before calling ngspice. Then start ngspice with:
ngspice aulaonline130420.cir