Newbie a little lost

Hi, I have used other ecad tools for years. So, I’ve jumped headlong into Kicad without much thought. Unfortunately, the project I’m starting with is part of a larger project that several people are working on. All newbs like me.

My job is to get the layout done, but I’m having trouble reading in the netlist. I get an error that states that

Error loading netlist
IO_ERROR:fp-lib-table files contains no lib with nickname
from C:\dev\kicad-winbuilder-3.4\src\kicad\common\fp_lib_table.cpp
:FindRow() : line 623

Can anyone interpret what this is saying? When I look at the netlist, I don’t see SMD_Packages listed? Is that the issue, or is it that Kicad is looking for something I didn’t download, or something that is online?



Ok, I made the error go away by adding the following lines to my fp-lib_table

(lib (name “SMD_Packages”)(type Github)(uri “”)(descr “”))

(lib (name “SMD_Packages”)(type Github)(uri “allow_pretty_writing_to_this_dir=${KICAD_LOCAL_LIBS}/SMD_Packages.pretty”)(descr “”))

Now I get other errors, but at least the netlist loaded.

which BZR version are you on?

Wow, hit my limit on that one. What’s a BZR?

BZR is the number of the build from the Launchpad repository. For example, I run the BZR4022 stable build on Windows.

BZR-5054 (2014-08-05)

I’m working with a group of engineers. We decided to standardize on this version. Of course, we’re all newbs, and of course, we’ve handed the schematic around too many times.

I’ve had to straighten out a number of issue to fix the netlist. That all looks good now. But, I’m in the layout tool getting a series of errors.

The errors look like this:

*** Error: Component ‘U13’ pad ‘5’ not found in footprint ‘BYS Library:tmp006’ ***

BYS Library:tmp006 is my library and a part in the library. My next question is, what is this error. Was the part made incorectly? Again too many chefs.



At what moment the error appears (after what action?)
Are you able to visualise your footprint in the module editor at all?
Can you share the entry in the fp_ib_table where this footprint is pulled from?

When in Pcbnew when I read in the netlist. During the netlist read, the errors appear in the message box of the Netlist window.

The foot print is placed and visible. I can see the footprint in the module editor.

in the fp-lib-table file the library is listed as
(lib (name “BYS Library”)(type KiCad)(uri ${KIPRJMOD}/bys_lib.pretty)(options “”)(descr “BYS Library”))

Here is one of the many error lines I see
*** Error: Component ‘U13’ pad ‘7’ not found in footprint ‘BYS Library:tmp006’ ***

Looks like every pad of of the footprint.

Not every IC is giving this error, and none of the passives.

@p25486 Could you share your bys_lib.pretty somewhere? We could try to take a look at it, maybe the footprint’s design has issues.

Sure, but where can I share it? Can I zip it and place it here someplace?

I placed a copy on my google drive. I gave editing privileges, so that you can hopefully down load it.

I won’t use that copy, but will look to you for advice, and change my real copy.


Or, here is the mod file for one of the parts that has an error.

(module tmp006 (layer F.Cu) (tedit 53A62084)
(solder_mask_margin 0.05)
(fp_text reference U2 (at -0.5 -3.5) (layer F.SilkS)
(effects (font (size 1 1) (thickness 0.15)))
(fp_text value TMP006 (at -0.5 -5) (layer F.SilkS) hide
(effects (font (size 1 1) (thickness 0.15)))
(fp_line (start 0.28 -1.28) (end 0.28 0.28) (layer F.SilkS) (width 0.15))
(fp_line (start -1.28 -1.28) (end 0.28 -1.28) (layer F.SilkS) (width 0.15))
(fp_line (start -1.28 0.28) (end -1.28 -1.28) (layer F.SilkS) (width 0.15))
(fp_line (start -1.28 0.28) (end 0.28 0.28) (layer F.SilkS) (width 0.15))
(fp_line (start -1.5 -1.5) (end -2 -1.5) (layer F.SilkS) (width 0.15))
(pad A1 smd circle (at 0 0) (size 0.35 0.35) (layers F.Cu F.Paste F.Mask))
(pad B1 smd circle (at 0 -0.5) (size 0.35 0.35) (layers F.Cu F.Paste F.Mask))
(pad A2 smd circle (at -0.5 0) (size 0.35 0.35) (layers F.Cu F.Paste F.Mask))
(pad C3 smd circle (at -1 -1) (size 0.35 0.35) (layers F.Cu F.Paste F.Mask))
(pad A3 smd circle (at -1 0) (size 0.35 0.35) (layers F.Cu F.Paste F.Mask))
(pad B3 smd circle (at -1 -0.5) (size 0.35 0.35) (layers F.Cu F.Paste F.Mask))
(pad C2 smd circle (at -0.5 -1) (size 0.35 0.35) (layers F.Cu F.Paste F.Mask))
(pad C1 smd circle (at 0 -1) (size 0.35 0.35) (layers F.Cu F.Paste F.Mask))

I’ll take a look this evening.

I imported your footprint and was able to use it without any problem whatsoever. Have you checked that all the pads on the footprint correspond to pin names on your schematics symbol it was assigned to?
For exemple you have B1 and B3 on the footprint but maybe B1 and B2 on the symbol?

That was it. In my rush, I “assummed” that my project partners had done due diligence on the footprints. I see now that I’m sadly wrong.

I fixed the U13 footprint, and the errors went away for that component. I will have to build a few components now.

Another question,

When making a Pad, I see fields for mask and paste clearances. For the most part, my paste clearances will be zero, same size as the pad, but the mask puzzles me.

In the pad editor, if I want the mask to be larger than the pad, is that a negative or positive clearance?



That would be positive clearance.

If I set a clearance for the mask, it is always zero when I go back and look later. Is there a global setting overriding this field someplace?



Hi, making progress. How do I place a line of ground vias withoug Kicad ripping them up, or renaming them to no net?



Hi John,

I made a video about placing thermal vias (by doing via stitching), is this the kind of thing you’re asking about?

Yes, that is it. I will give it a go.