Newbie a little lost

Hi, I’ve been going along ok for a few months now, but have a strange issue. I had edited my fp_lib_table to include some SMD packages from github. I used the SMD_packages:SMD-0402_r quite a bit. But, now when I try to assign the same footprint, it doesn’t show up in the SMD_packages list.

Did the 0402 and 0603 get deleted?

My fp_lib_table hasn’t changed, so I’m guessing the files on git hub did. What can I do?

The footprints on github are in a state of flux. Quite a lot has changed recently! Some footprints were removed for reasons of “deduplication”, some were put into separate libraries… etc…

As of now, there are’ Resistors_SMD.pretty’ and ‘Capacitors_SMD.pretty’, so I guess you’ll find suitable replacements in there.

Some of the footprints have undergone quite a lot of changes. The silkscreen has been altered (it’s quite minimalistic now). Everything seems to be going towards high-density boards & machine assembly. If you like “pretty” footprints, make your own.

If you like anything outside the standard, make your own. And in fact, I’m of the mind that it’s usually best practice to make (and quadruple check) your own footprints. I believe it was Matthew Beckler (Wayne and Layne) who talked about how much of an asset a good footprint library can be. I think of it like a fly fisherman’s set of lures. Takes a while to get them right, but the best ones will catch the best fish.