Newb here, library loader, no footprint

Hi all, I skimmed through the FAQ’s looking for an answer. I didn’t find anything.

I’m using Library Loader and downloading part libraries from mouser for a few parts.
in the download it shows the symbol, a footprint, and a 3D view.
I tried to convert my schematic from diagram to PCB layout and none of the parts had a foot print assigned to them.

Has anybody had experience with this? If so, would you mind lending a little bit of guidance?

I’m not familiar with Library Loader, but these FAQ items might help. First is a basic one that might be all you need:

These next to go into depth on how KiCad handles libraries. They are important if you want to understand how the above FAQ entry works:

The full list of good FAQ entries is here for your future education:

Oh, you said you looked through the FAQ entries… So supposedly you have already seen the last link.

yes, I skimmed through that last link already. I may have missed something being new to this forum.

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