New user, cant figure out how to add values to resistors

hey guys, I just downloaded the software, I used to use Multisim for college 15 years ago, never got a job in EE after, I just wanted something for home projects.

The interface isn’t too hard, but I cant figure out how to add values to resistors and it wasn’t clear in the help files.

Any help folks?

Click on the part you want to change and either:

  1. Right click and go down to “properties” it will have a “value” box
  2. press “E” for the same menu

Or double click on the symbol, or just double click on the value to edit. It will default to something like R_US or just R, depending which symbol you chose.

didnt do much, but I did see something
I right clicked, scrolled UP to find properties, found the table, selected simulation model, chose resistor, entered in the value, closed out, did the same for a multi cell battery, but when I tried to run the sim, it all failed.

Is there a basic book for this???

I am not trying to just change letters, am I mistaking this software for something else?
I thought you could build a circuit, program values in it, put in meters and see results?
I am trying to make virtual components and instruments, and I cant figure out how to get the program to do that on the schematic screen.

did I download the wrong software?

KiCad can do simulation using spice.

Error reading simulation model from symbol ‘MES1’:
Failed to read simulation model from fields.
Error reading simulation model from symbol ‘MES2’:
Failed to read simulation model from fields.

apparently, it is not reading any nodes at the ammeter nor the voltmeter
this dont work, either

KiCad simulation (a software called ngspice under the hood) does not incorporate batteries, ammeters, or voltmeters. I’d encourage you to check out the “canonical” KiCad simulation tutorial here (though it is a few years old, so not everything will match exactly): KiCad Eeschema as GUI for ngspice, tutorial for setting up the simulation

Alternatively, you may want to check out a simpler simulation option like Falstad:

Please be better informed when telling others something is/isn’t doable…

I’m sure you know Batteries are just a Voltage Source (and have Current). Simulation of a Circuit with Non-Simulationable elements can simply be a matter of creating basic element content in the element’s simulation panel.

That said, a meter can be simulated but, for this OP, a basic understanding starts with Voltage Supply, Resistance and GND. And, familiarity with Kicad’s simulation interface…

This circuit is just thrown together and could use any values so, if duplicating it, play around. Also, play with the Probe/Tune feature in the simulator…

You’re right that it is possible with some experience/spice understanding. My phrasing was to emphasize that KiCad/ngspice does not function like Multisim (for instance) which starts you off with placeable concepts/components like batteries, ammeters, and voltmeters. KiCad/ngspice does not provide those concepts/components out of the box and so more advanced tactics are required (such as those that you demonstrate above).


KiCad is mostly for PCB design. You can do circuit simulation (using ngspice), but it’s a learning curve and if you only want to do simulation, there are simpler standalone apps available elsewhere.

According to opinion of most people here (I believe) you downloaded the very good (and not expensive !) software but probably it is not what you expected it to be.
This is PCB design software. Designing PCB = drawing a schematic and then designing PCB realizing this schematic.
If you have a schematic editing then you can add a simulation tool. But KiCad has many libraries that were designed for PCB design purposes not having in mind simulation. There is a Simulation_SPICE.kicad_sym library with symbols for Spice simulation. I have only tried once to use KiCad for circuit simulation so I’m not familiar with it. If you use only symbols from that library beginning with using KiCad for simulation should be easier.

Years ago I saw some description of program working the way you expect. You connect something like at desk and it for example shows what the meters you used show or even show that elements are burned. It was described as education program but I don’t remember its name.

At schematic with this description there are small squares at MES1, MES2, BT1 pins showing that they are not connected. It can be the reason that you see something is not working.

Why not go back to Multisim? You can use the Online version.

Step #4 in this shows how to change Values (for a Cap but, Res is the same process…)

multisim wants almost $900 for the student version.

Plus, I tried their free onlline version, and cant figure out how to put a wire between components!
Found the components alright, but wiring?
good grief?
Have I been out of school this long?

that link did it for me, now I see the wire link!

that was all I needed, just simple circuit simulation.
However, it would be cool for this old retiree to learn something new again :slight_smile: Thanks guys!


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