Nested Hierarchical Schematics. broken



On my main schematic page:
I have a hierarchical sheet: “a.sch”. I gave it a sheet name of A1.
Inside “a.sch” is “b.sch”. I named it B1.
I also have another schematic which I named “A2”. It also points to “a.sch”.

In summary, we have:
-A1 (a.sch)
– B1 (b.sch)
and another block, A2, which also points to “a.sch”.

So if I made a copy of A1 and named it A2, we have:

  • A1 (a.sch)
    – B1 (b.sch)
  • A2 (a.sch)
    – B1 (b.sch)

Obviously, I don’t want the A2 AND A1 to both point to B1, because then the reference designators will be the same (i.e. A1 and A2 will point to the same parts, there won’t be a copy of them).

I want A1 to point to B1 and I want A2 to point to B2.

In other words, I want this:

  • A1 (a.sch)
    – B1 (b.sch)
  • A2 (a.sch)
    – B2 (b.sch)

Am I losing my mind? If I go into A2 and change B1 to B2…
…it also changes it for A1.

This does make sense… A1 and A2 both point to the same thing, “a.sch”.
So when I change the name for B2 from the A2 instance it also changes it for the A1 instance.

So I can’t have nested hierarchical schematics?

Why is it that, you can have an A1 and A2 for the same “a.sch” but this only applies for the main schematic?
I know somebody can explain this to me…


I think the annotatiom does not really depend on the scheet name but in the timestamp. So try to run a reannotation and see what happens.


There is no problem with these names.
Try to annotate the whole project. For example, add a resitor in any of the B1 sheets and then push the annotate button.
You will see 2 resistors:
/A1/B1/R1 and /A2/B1/R2.

I like the option "First free after sheet number X 100, so resitors are called in my case R301 and R501

The lines in the b.sch file are:
AR Path="/5BE17DDE/5BE17E7C/5BE17EB1" Ref=“R301” Part=“1”
AR Path="/5BE17EE4/5BE17E7C/5BE17EB1" Ref=“R501” Part=“1”