Need help for kicad_bom_sync

Who can help fix this plugin for version 7? On version 6, he worked well the author unfortunately does not answer

You can start by explaining what doesn’t work. How did you try to run it, what were error messages, any other details.

C:\Program Files\KiCad\7.0\share\kicad\scripting\Kicad_bom_sync-master\Kicad_bom_sync-master\ DeprecationWarning: Call to deprecated function copy (Use copy(obj) or cell.obj = cell.obj + other).
cell.font = cell.font.copy(bold=True)

I add the plugin to the bom formation menu in the diagram

That’s a warning, not an error.
Can you post the screenshot of bom generator settings?

At a glance this is unlikely to do with the bump from KiCad v6 to v7, since it’s just a Python program that reads XML and writes XLSX and doesn’t use the KiCad Python bindings. More likely it’s to do with the way it was invoked, the versions of Python modules required, and so forth.

I would start by running it from the command line as explained in, fix any warnings and only try to run it as a converter after that works.

By the README I see that the DNI field already exists as native Eeschema checkbox option.

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