Multiple sheet for simulations



I want to keep some simulations organized in a single project, diferent sheets, but I know that there cannot be multiple schematic pages(like, actual files in the project hierarchy), or is it posible?

And If not, what other methods can be used?



In my case, I having a root sheet that have 1 hierarchy sheet. Every time I need to simulate a individual sub-circuit, I just edit the schematic file name of the hierarchy sheet, and run simulation.
To make it easy, I also add a text object to list all the schematic file names so I can just copy and paste each time.

In each individual sub-schematic, I have theirs own pspice directive to specify what type of simulation it will run, and some plot command too.


To get this right. For every sub-circuit you place a diferent hierarical sheet? And the root page contains just the block to that page?

Thanks for your answer?


If I understand you, I would say yes, I’m place my sub-circuits in difference .sch file, and root page link to only one of them at the time.


Can you sent an reference link or an tutorial for me to follow?


Sorry, I don’t have any! But may give you some hint how to use hierarchy in KiCad.