Multiple schematic pages in one project

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Is there a way to create multiple page schematics without the project being hierarchical?


Kicad currently has no support for flat multi page schematics.

The workaround is to have a root page that includes your pages and use global labels to connect everything up.

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Is there anything that describes how to do that?


Not very hard to be honest. (For completely flat schematics as requested by you. The problem starts if you want to mix hierarchical design with flat design at any level of the hierarchy.)

In your main schematic add a new hierarchical sheet and give it a suitable name.
Switch into it (double click does the trick) and design what you want in this page. Take care that you use global labels where you need to connect to other pages. (global labels are power symbols and of course the global labels found in the right toolbar)

to get back out of the sheet use either the hierarchy navigator or the “get out of the sheet” tool found in the top toolbar.

Repeat this for every page you need. You can even add as many sheets as you want right at the start.

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I’ll give it a try.


I don’t know of a good website explaining these in general. KiCads docu naturally explains the hierarchical approach. But i doubt they explain why one would want to use it.

My personal view:

Hierarchical design makes it possible to have multiple levels of abstraction in the same schematic. The root sheet shows the system level. Every level below gets into more details for each of the submodules shown in the level above.

A flat design simply is a design that lacks any hierarchical elements. You simply have multiple pages that connect to each other via so called labels.

Both options have their merits. I personally favor the hierarchical approach. (One of my best examples of the use for hierarchical design is this:

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