Move components with tracks connected?

Hi, I updated to latest cern version, greatly improved router. However moving components and keeping connections (to components outside the block) intact I haven’t found yet.
Is it possible? Would be great… thank you

Is there a reason you can’t also include those tracks inside the block you are moving?

this isn’t the easiest thing to implement because it is possible to take a block, move it and rotate it such that the originals tracks that were there are now criss-crossing each other. Essentially you would need an auto-router to accomplish this.

typically I route sub-blocks inside the pcb, and move them around a bit after some tracks have been layed out and squeeze them together as much as possible. So not currently possible. thank you

@TLS your work-way should be possible:
if you border select an area than you can drag this selection to a new location.
the borderselection selects components and tracks.
so what is not working? only thing you have to manually reroute after the move is the connections from your block to the next block. (thats the part @Ldoiron17 mentioned…)
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Same thing in schematics.

Once you drag something, other things stays put.

Not the case in other tools.

If you want to drag something by itself you need first select items, do “disconnect” then move.

Otherwise traces will follow, both layout and schematics.

If you rotate you get a mess, but not the tools fault.