Mouse buttons freeze after editing


Hello all,

I just started using KiKad two days ago. My version is 4.0.7.

Whenever I edit a component, the mouse buttons and scroll wheel seem to be disabled upon closing the edit screen. I can’t move or pan also.

I googled around on this and one person said that opening the Help->About screen would clear the problem.

That’s true, but awfully awkward. Is there a better fix for this problem?



Is it possible that you use windows 10 as your operating system? There are some reports here already that kicad has random problems under this OS.


Yes. I am on Windows 10.
version 1709 if that helps to debug.


Do you have a 3D view open in the background set to raytracing? If so, as you make changes to the board the raytracing may re-start eating up CPU resources.


I just fumbled onto a work-around.
If you toggle the “windows” button, things work as expected again.


It might be related to for example this report: Annoying UI issue - work area regularly "locking up"


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