Mouse button 2 jumps back when panning (V5)

I’ve been using the middle mouse button to pan in Pcbnew. I found it will often jump back then trying to pan multiple screens worth.

Say my board is magnified so I can only see 1/3 of the board on the screen. I want to move far to the right of the board.
I move the cursor to the right side of the screen, hold down the mouse 2 button and drag the board to the left and release mouse 2 button.

Now I move the cursor to the right again and while the cursor is near the right side of the screen I press mouse 2. The screen often jumps back to before the 1st pan.

UPDATE I discovered the “jump back” only happens when as I pan the cursor ends up over the left toolbar.

Application: kicad
Version: (5.0.0-rc2-dev-623-g26197c333), release build
Platform: Windows 10 / 64

Mouse tested at:

I am still “stuck” to V4.0.7, but I have gotten into the habit of using the scrollwheel for a combined pan and zoom.
1). Move to the edge.
2). Zoom out with the scrollwheel 1 or 2 levels. (Cursor pans to middle of screen)
3). Zoom in on your area of interest.

Main advantage of this is that you have more overview while zoomed out.
If I used KiCad for more than occasional use I already would have bought a 42" 4K+ monitor…


Hi, I’m not sure where this reply should go or if you are in a position to know.

However, I tried to report a bug through your link which sent me to Ubuntu One. I created an account and during the verification the website asked me if I wished to share my personal information… I responded “no” so it would not log me in.

Not sure if I followed the correct path for a bug report but I don’t like sharing my personal information any more that is absolutely necessary . Also the website did not explain with whom they would be sharing the information with.

With personal information it means your mail address. The bugtracker is more like a glorified mailing list.

Most new KiCad users complain about the Warp and Zoom feature to move around. However, once one gets used to it, other methods seem to suck.

One thing I have recently found is that I can navigate even quicker if I zoom out at least twice, then zoom in level once the cursor is half-way to the area of interest. This means moving the mouse less, and getting a little bigger image to more accurately choose the next zoom location.

Note, one can also do this half-way method while zooming out, but I’m not normally mentally that prepared to try to be that efficient.

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