More simulation examples for KiCad/Eeschema/ngspice

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Some more circuits from my previous post, here now tested/updated for KiCad 8:
Q17.7z (39.4 KB)
LM3886-Tian.7z (17.1 KB)
rel_osc.7z (13.7 KB)
bip-osc-2.7z (8.6 KB)
CMOS555_4.7z (10.4 KB)
PassLabsF5.7z (23.2 KB)
FullBridge.7z (16.7 KB)
741.7z (19.2 KB)
QEI_public_8_mod.7z (22.1 KB)
MC3.7z (10.0 KB)
33063-KiCad-StepDown.7z (11 KB)


Hi guys
Was anyone able to run the ibis.test.7z project from holger (see above)?
I run only into a couple of error messages

Can't open viewport for graphics.
ngspice-42 done
Note: 'quit' asks for detaching ngspice.dll.
Note: can't find the initialization file spinit.
** ngspice-42 shared library
** Creation Date: Dec 31 2023   07:13:41
Note: No compatibility mode selected!
Circuit: *
Note: No compatibility mode selected!
Circuit: KiCad schematic
Error on line:
v.xu1.vku xu1.ku 0 pwl ( )
parameter value out of range or the wrong type
Error: circuit not parsed.
Error: vector time not found!
Error: vector time not found!

With today’s nightly I do not see any problems (two different machines running MS Windows). My previous nightly from Jan. 3rd seemed to have some problem.

No way for me to run the ibis example. Other projects work fine.

I created a new schematic from the scratch and it fails with the same errors.
Do you need some more informations? Shall I open a ticket in gitlab?

Is it intentional that you share KICAD6 files?

Another point…
I would expect to see real values from the ibis file here.

Typ, Min or max could be chosed in a separate box


just an idea…

In this thread: no.

I have presented KiCad6 examples in Simulation examples for KiCad/Eeschema/ngspice .

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@holger, FYI I have created a repository on GitHub containing the simulation projects from this post and embedded the documentation and screenshots in README files.


PS: I have added your GitHub profile @holvo as a maintainer on the repository.

many thanks for your efforts.

Unfortunately I will not have any resources to act as maintainer of your GitHub repository. This should be your task, and I hope that you are able to run this for some time.

I have made an update on the QEI project.

@holger, I had no expectations of you maintaining my repository with your content. But I didn’t want to prevent you from doing so, which is why I gave you maintenance privileges to the repo.
I will do my best to keep my KiCad Simulations repository up to date with your good work.
If you ping me of any changes, updates or new simulations I will make sure to update.



PS: I have updated the QEI simulation (799 → 8)

@hatte , I have posted a new circuit with an old device, still interesting for newcomers, the 555 with a model which I have derived from the bipolar circuit diagram in


@holger, I have added 555-bipolar at

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I have made an update to the LLC converter and added aa example of a logic simulation, a full adder comparison.

I have updated LLC files and README in


I have lost the ‘Edit’ button for the primary post of this thread

I would still like to use ‘Edit’ to upgrade examples or to add new ones in the top post.

Could somebody with access rights please re-instate the editing capability for me?

I have promoted you to “leader”, maybe it helps.

I also made the first post a wiki.

I like the Idea of turning this into a Wiki.
Wiki pages are also editable by a lot more people. (This forum logs changes in GIT or similar, so vandalism can be reversed).
I think it’s also a good idea to clean up this thread a bit. Delete all posts not directly showing examples and such.

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Better yet: store KiCad simulation example source files in a Git repository, so they can easily be maintained, downloaded, synched and tagged and checked for changes. And documentation can follow along in associated markdown files.
Like any other source code :wink:

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