More and more resources about simulation needed


Hi guys,

I tried today spice for the first time in my live, well 6 hours spent and i am unable to simulate a transistor :frowning:

i started with basic simulation and i learned how to use VSOURCE then i moved to a simple transistor and well i stuck there

this post is made to ask to people who knows how it works to add some tutorial since on google i wasn’t able to find a lot of resources about kicad5 + ngspice

talking about my problem this is what i tried to do:
i made two VSOURCE
one with output a constand 12V
and the other one which output 3.3V with a pulse
and it works: see image

then i added a common transistor the BC337 and i used the library shippid with kicad5: see

so i tried to simulate and nothing!
any help about whta i am doing wrong?
i would like to add my shematics and the outpout of the simulator but i can’t since i am new


my shematics and the simulator output


Pleasehave a look at with its step by step approach.

In addition to the KiCad library you will need a simulation model parameter set for the bipolar transistor, the ngspice ‘library’ entry, to be found on the web.


as you noticed i am new to kicad so this could sound as a dumb question but, why kicad doesn’t ship some “common” lib file for common components, like transistor, mosfet, logic gates, ecc

anyway it would be very useful to have a “search-engine” for libraries which are knows to work well in ngspice/eeschema, does this tool exist? maybe a github repo?