Modify STEP model with bent leads

I need to have a STEP model modified with 90º bent leads (and shorter lead length) to show the image laying down on the PCB. Can I pay someone to make this modified STEP file? The component is a 3-lead Vishay TSSP-4038 IR Receiver. Using KiCad 6.0.9-0. Thanks!

If you post your query and STEP file on FreeCAD forum, you will get it modified for free I suppose :smiley:

I could probably do it for a 10$ donation to Kicad foundation :grin::grin:


You are an extortioner :rofl:
BTW Happy holidays Frank @Shack

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Models are easy to make while drinking Black Coffee…

You can make your own Symbol and Footprints

Two Step files attached (straight and 90˚ ). I did Not fuss with details of the Pin Swells (the wide part to limit from going through the hole all the way - not important to me and my IR Receivers don’t have them…

IR_Rcvr_TSSP-4038_90deg.step (84.6 KB)
IR_Rcvr_TSSP-4038.step (44.6 KB)

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Super support! Thank you ‘Black Coffee’ for modifying a part for me with bent leads… you’re great. Now I’m going to learn how to do this myself with FreeCAD. Frank : )

You’re welcome.

FYI - I created a New part, I did Not modify an existing Step model (easy enough to do for me but, NOOB’s may find it difficult if not yet knowing FreeCad. Basically, Take a Step model, Mesh it, Convert to Solid, Cut the Leads (because can’t actually modify Step’s) then, add New Leads…

I posted this Video - perhaps of interest to you…

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